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جورج 1
Akram George Tawfik Vine Land

Yalla Nsadar is the best electronic platform, From a team work of the most honest and trustworthy personalities with great response to training courses enable companies to provide export service with great skills matchs the market today, and with credibility in providing real export chance by linking the Egyptian exporters with the Russian supermarkets, which we signed contract with, they also provide great chances for companies by holding meetings with brokers in African and Arabian markets, Thank you Yalla Nsadar Thank you Mr. Tarek for the wonderful effort.

طه لوباشا 1
Ahmed Taha Lubasha - Egypt

Yalla Nsadar is considered to be one of the biggest and most supportive supporters of the small exporters, It is showing through presenting (export incubator) which have contributed a lot in correcting companies' concepts of selling in the right way to succeed in export, in addition to their effective contribution in obtaining and succeeding in connecting with importers, as they have sussed in linking Egyptian exporters with Supermarket in Russia, They managed to link 9 Egyptian exporting companies with 5 Supermarket one of them was Hypermarket Metro which is well known world wide, Yalla Nsadar is the main and even the official sponsor of small exporters.

احمد فيرونا 1
Rasha Ahmed Verona

Yalla Nsadar is one of the first Egyptian platforms if it is not the only one in the foreign trad and linking between Egyptian suppliers and importers in the foreign markets, Yalla Nsadar has succeed to agree with group of supermarkets to supply Egyptian Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, Alhamdulillah in cooperation with Yalla Nsadar our company managed to participate with this group to supply appropriate quantities of fruits and vegetables, The platform didn't only link the exporter with importer but they have also made an export incubator, with a large group of expert instructors so as to help young exporters and train them how to enter the global markets, We wish Yalla Nsadar platform more success and excellence.

المسلماني 1 1
Ahmed almeslmany Sedra Egypt

We are pleased to deal with your platform and your valuable service, it would be our pleasure to repeat dealing with you, With all thanks and appreciation to you also for the success in having a contract with number of hypermarkets in Russia, also for the new plan from your side to open new markets in the UAE and African markets, Wish you from one success to another.

الحديدي 1
Yasser Al-Hadidy AL - HADIDY . CO

would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Yalla Nsadar Company for the seriousness of dealing and the support I have received from you, and for the dedication efforts exerted in linking Egyptian exporters and producers with importers outside Egypt and with export service providers inside Egypt. I would like to specially mention Me. Tarek Horny the CEO thanking him for all these efforts made and also Mrs. Marwa Tarek for the full support and the speed reply for any inquiry and for their continuous cooperation, and I present my thanks to Yalla Nsadar team work and hope for reconcile and progress for our Egyptian platform to become the first word wide.

عبده 1
Yusry Abdo Golden Advisors

A wonderful and useful experience, and it has enough credibility to be a pioneer in this field in Egypt God willing, and this is represented in the chairman Dr. Tarek the one with good manner and high knowledge, add to that his choice for a team participating work with him they are of the best people in manner, follow up, have a good way in delivering information and this is based on my experience with our dear sister Marwa in following up on answering questions clearly, quickly and accurately. In this way, God willing, the basis for success are gathered, from a successful director to his assistants who helped preserve this success, Thank you very much and wish you more progress God willing.

ابو الخير 1
Dr.Tamer Abu al-Khair Economic expert

Smart International for Economic Consulting and Training, Innovation and development is one of the twelve indicators of competitiveness for any country, and I believe that the marketing and e-education that is followed by the Yalla Nsadar Foundation under the management of Mr. Tarek Hosny will contribute significantly to raising the ranking because there are electronic platforms that are now starting to walk on your steps, business incubator, brokers marketing awareness, education All this is made electronically, God willing always successful and with a distinguish position in both societies the Egyptian and international communities for foreign trade God willing.