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How it works ..!!

Step 1

Request for Quote

Search for needed product ,visit seller store , browse products , click RFQ Icon in the header, then fill in the form with your needed products details

Step 2

Contact Suppliers

You will receive multiple quotes from different suppliers , you can start negotiate with them all or suppliers from your choice

Step 3

Close Deals

Start your order with one click, when find the right supplier , high quality product , and the best offer



Safe your time using search icon at the top of Yalla Nsadar header

Choose the best product

start browse products one by one to make sure you get the best choice
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you can visit supplier store and start learning more about their businesses

Choose the right supplier

Choose the supplier who have verified Badge , premium Badge , and Trusted Badge
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Request for Quote

Send your inquiry in details and we will recommend the you trusted suppliers and best offers

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By filling RFQ form we will take your request very seriously and send it to our trusted suppliers they will contact you through one of our representatives
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For buyers, it's totally free. we charge only suppliers annual  subscription fees

Of course it'll be better if you are part of our family, but if you don't want , you can use RFQ button on the header and fill in the request form