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Sky Europe we are a trade and distribute company , we offers an efficient service to its clients, focusing on the areas of integrated logistics and tax planning, thus ensuring quality, profitability and excellence in import and export processes.

We are a company with already established credibility which has been reaffirmed within 2 years of work and satisfaction of our clients.

We have more than 1500 registered suppliers and currently working with more than 600 of them, in more than 20 countries.

Our structure has harmonious environments that generate dedicated and obstinate professionals to exceed the expectations of each client.

We work with dynamism, flexibility, innovation and safety, in order to extract the most of the potential of each professional and each procedure, in the shortest possible time.

We are an agile, dynamic and innovative company in our field: we are always connected to global trends, therefore we also have a Design Department, with professionals ready to apply all of the best global trends in products and packaging, providing an exclusive design and leveraging the competitiveness of our client in the market.

Business Segments : Plastic (Polypropylene – Polyethylene ), Plastic table and chairs Housewares, Flooring, Coating, Construction material, Furniture, Lighting, Clothing , Electronics .

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