Types of Packaging in Export Import

Types of Packaging in Export Import is an essential element for every businessman who looks forward to Opening new markets Worldwide.
Types of Packaging in Export Import

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There are many Types of Packaging in Export Import. Packages strongly impact how valuable a product is considered to be. Along with assisting in its handling and appearance, they enclose, contain, and preserve the product. The export organization or an external packaging company could create the packages.

When designing a shipping box for international transportation, exporters must consider four major issues: breakage, moisture, leakage, pilferage, and excessive weight. Exporters should design their export shipping boxes with the requirements of international shipment in mind.

Choosing the ideal packaging for your goods can usually be challenging because of the enormous selection of packaging options available today. Creating the ideal package for their products requires significant financial investment from companies all over the world.

Do you know what is the different types of packaging in Export import ?

Packaging’s Importance

  • Packages can be made to make a distribution, handling, display, selling, opening, utilizing, and reuse easier.
  • The entire marketing strategies used by organizations reflect the value of packaging. A premium, the eye-catching box will win over customers’ trust, enhance perceptions of the goods within, and have a favorable impact on purchasing choices.
  • A good quality package is a sign of the product’s quality in terms of product packaging. It is a marketing tool that allows the marketer to convey the message to the target customer.
  • A product might stand out by having a creative box. You may create a package that is special and distinctive by utilizing colors, forms, pictures, etc.
Types of packaging

Types of Packaging in Export Import

1- Corrugated Boxes

It is frequently referred to as cardboard boxes. According to their strength and durability, corrugated boxes come in a variety of different varieties.

In reality, cardboard is a paper with many layers. The phrase “corrugated phrase” refers to the fluted medium, which, sits between an inner and an outer sheet of heavyweight paper and offers strength, insulation, and protection.

2- Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard is a durable yet lightweight paper sheet used to make boxes. Either wood fibers or recovered waste paper are used to make the sheets. It may be stretched, cut, and folded into a variety of shapes and forms.

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3- Plastic Boxes

To maintain food quality and prevent pollution, it’s crucial to utilize airtight plastic packing containers. Plastic containers are also durable and may be kept with food in a variety of difficult conditions.

4- Chipboard packaging

Chipboard packaging is a practical choice for goods from sectors including electronics, medicine, food, drinks, and cosmetics. Chipboard may be rapidly cut, folded, and shaped and is created from recycled paper material.

5- Poly Bag Packaging

This is one of the most popular designs of packaging and it can contain a wide range of items, including books and magazines, food, flowers, garbage, and chemicals. Poly bags are relatively easy to make, making it possible to entirely modify the design, style, and size while being environmentally friendly. Depending on the structure, poly bags can also be recycled. Plastic bags are strong, flexible, and reusable.

6- Bottles and Jars Packaging

They are made of many materials, such as glass, plastic, tin, and ceramic. When loaded or transported, bottles and jars provide great product protection. High-quality containers for food, candles, essential oils, and other items are available.

4 Key Factors influencing packaging decisions

  1. Security
  2. Protection
  3. Mode of Transport
  4. Cost


Packaging not only preserves the goods but also helps with delivery, storage, and may include important handling instructions while advertising your business.

On another hand , Every Exporter and Importer should be aware of different types of Packaging in Export Import to avoid any loss and mistakes during Export Import Process.

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